Fichtner GmbH is selling Automatic Screwdriving-Systems, Stand-Alone Units, Screw-Feeders and the corresponding spare-parts, which leading products are mainly used since decades for the production of


  • Wood and PVC Windows
  • Garage Doors
  • Furniture Industries
  • Construction of Caravans
  • Wood Converting Industries


which are used in many countries. We can supply e.g. Units of the brand POWASERT (earlier known as DVSG Screwdriver or Deutsche Vereinigte Schuhmaschinen GmbH and URBAN). Well know symbols are e.g. ADS-MF2, ADS-MF4, ADS-UF as well as ADS-SE1.


We can provide everything, what’s needed to keep your products running!


We are able to supply Screwing-Bits with 10-32 UNF-thread and metric thread, naturally with many different screw feeding systems e.g. Phillips-Headscrew, Pozidriv-Headscrew, Torx Square Shaft and all the necessary extensions.

Screwing jaws and holding-springs for different screws and

screw feeding tubes in different dimensions


Your Screwing System is not working any longer and you need help? Or your device need to be reconditioned? Then please contact us and our Customer-Service will be at your complete disposal!


You intend to expand your production or you need a replacement unit? Besides of new unit we also can offer used and rebuild units.


Please contact us!

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