You need lasting tools and pincers for your BUSM/DVSG/USM Machine? Then we can help as your perfect supply-source.


  • Button type wipers with or without ball wipers
  • wedge type wipers – mainly used for pointed toes – with or without ball wipers
  • toe bands
  • heel bands
  • applicator/injector/crown (fixed or movable version)
  • spreader
  • last supports
  • toe-pincers


In order to manufacture wipers and applicators/injectors/crown we need 1 pair each of smallest, medium and biggest size with corresponding insoles. For making toe-bands one pair of lasts medium size is needed.


You intend to produce lasting tools by your own? No problem! We can also provide you with wiper-blanks, blank-parts for last support and for the toe-band-production.


Please contact us!


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