KALEI® is a registered TradeMark in most countries for a patent protected Press nut.

The KALEI® – nut is an “impressive” solution if metal sheets starting from a thickness of 1,0 mm have to be provided with threads. KALEI® Press nuts can be used on any metal constructions as well as in connection with a variety of synthetic materials.

The nuts are available in metric threads in sizes from M 2 up to M 20. Specials – with higher collars for use in connection with light metals and synthetic materials or with inch-size threads – can be made available “to order”.

KALEI® – Press nuts are precision products, they are case-hardened and, in their Standard version, are galvanized and blue-passivated. Special surface treatments such as yellow-chromatized, copper-nickel plated, etc. are available “to order”.

The Press nuts are available also in stainless steel (material 1.4305).

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The function of the KALEI® – Pressnut:


Centering the nut above the drilled or punched hole. The hole diameter (H 11 accuracy required) must match the smaller diameter of the collar.

The KALEI® Press Nut has been inserted. Its collar, over its full height, is seated in the material. The inclined serration of the collar provides for a save seating of the KALEI® Press Nut.

Screws are always driven from the collar side of the KALEI® Press Nut. When the screw is tightened the KALEI® Press Nut is finally anchored in the material.
Resulting from the proved seat the KALEI® Press Nut is meanwhile used in many industries and processes in which a later correction of the assembly is hardly possible, i.e. in an Air bag assembly. Get in contact!

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